Shortcut time!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently programming, i.e. hitting my head against the wall.  Every time I start working in my (very nice) Python IDE, it takes roughly 30 seconds before I run into the next problem to search Stack Overflow for a solution.  My skills are that bad.

There are times I just need to code a quick trading algorithm, and want ‘good enough’ out of a box.  In comes AmiBroker: a top-spec analysis program which has inbuilt interaction with my execution broker.  The usual technical indicators are built-in, and can be combined easily with the simplified programming language AFL.

Example: I just spent 3 days coding an algorithm in Python, which I just implemented in about 5 minutes using AmiBroker/AFL.  Ahhh…


Cool site for financial geeks/quants

Just found Quantopian yesterday.  Looks like they’re offering a free database of US equity prices (1-minute granularity, it seems), and an API which uses Python to create strategies.  Could have fun creating/datamining a few quant strategies there!